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Famille Estoppey
Le Bochet
1523 Granges-Marnand
Tél.+41 (0)26 668 22 13


Ferme du Bochet

Le Bochet, a farm in the calm of the countryside, offers the possibility to see numerous animals and to “sleep on the hay”.  Practical school projects in relation to a farm (various activities), organised meals for family celebrations, weddings and companies (varied entertainments such as magic shows or ventriloquist are also available).  Possibility to cater for up to 70 people.


Open from April to October. Bus stop (Postal bus) at 600 metres from farm.

Train at 1 km.

Bookings for:  Sleeping “on the hay”: from CHF 15.- to CHF 25.-

                     Meals: from CHF 15.- to CHF 50.-


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